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The love for wine, agriculture and the Golan, led Kobi Itzchaki to establish Kanatir Farm in 2012, a beautiful vineyard farm located near Moshav Natur, in the south of the Golan Heights.

The Golan, known as an optimal habitat for vineyards, combined with the passion for perfection, the knowledge, and the uncompromising professionalism of the farm team, give our wines their special taste and character.

Kobi Itzchaki - the entrepreneur

Director and owner of a leading diamond company in Asia, entrepreneur and owner of  Kanatir vineyard.

Kobi managed the diamond company in Hong Kong for 11 years and during these years he developed luxury brands in the field.

Kobi currently manages the company from Israel. Upon his return to Israel, he fulfilled an old dream and established a vineyard in the Golan Heights, out of love for the land and love for wine


David Cohen Keles - manager of the farm

Resident of the nearby Moshav Natur, farmer, entomologist and agronomist.

Has lived in the Golan Heights for 10 years and has been managing the vineyard since the day it was established.

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