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In the south of the Golan Heights, near Moshav Natur, lies the Kanatir vineyard, which covers 150 dunams of land and overlooks the slopes of Nahal Elal


In the Kanatir vineyard, nature and heritage, man and land are intertwined. We specialize in the production of single varietal, balanced and aromatic wines, which express the terroir  and the unique culture of the Golan 


.Kanatir's story begins with vision and passion

In 2012, Kobi Itzchaki established Kanatir Farm out of love for the Golan and its scenery. The mountainous climate, the basaltic soil, the cold winter winds alongside the caressing summer sun, and a long history that dates back to biblical times


The meaning of the name Kanatir is "arches", a tribute to the ancient stone arches that were found in the neighboring national heritage site "Ein Keshetot" and at its heart is the magnificent synagogue from the Talmud period.


Starting in 2016, with the help of the winemaker Itai Lahat and the winegrower David Kels, we produce eight types of boutique wines in manual harvest from departments  The vines growing in the vineyard

A wide range of flavors of original wines, from dry and aromatic Gewurztraminer, through light and fruity Grenache to deep and fine Petit Verdot


:Kanatir Farm offers wine and nature lovers an exciting and unusual stay

Summer parties among the vineyards, pampering glamping accommodation for groups and friends, and customized boutique events

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