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Accommodation in the vineyard

A hospitality experience of a million stars among the vineyards 

 Looking for a unique hosting experience A place to rest and relax? connect to the earth and watch the sky Kanatir Farm in the south of the Golan Heights opens its doors for special hospitality You are invited to relax in family or couple hospitality among the rows of vineyards at the end of the harvest watch the full moon at night and the rising sun in the morning All this in the south of the Golan surrounded by spectacular natural sites and endless travel and recreation options A trip on a jeep or on a horse, a hiking trail or kayaking, a tour of Ein Keshet, and more. A pampering brunch every morning from our bakery and local produce. Dinner under the stars with  Seasonal and local chef menu accompanied by our wine

And to finish, a night out.

Our pampering accommodation includes

The accommodation complex large and fancy tents will be waiting for you with mattresses, pillows, blankets and pleasant white sheets
(Our tents are suitable for a couple and two small children)
Ecological showers with hot water under the sky
Neat and clean toilets
The dining and leisure complex, shaded corners with cushions and beanbags, guided activities for children by the farm staff

By appointment*


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